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Official Information Act Responses

Official Information Act Responses

Below are responses to selected Official Information Act requests received by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, that have been pro-actively released.

OIA Responses

Te reo Māori use at MPP (December 2023) 

Land travel expenditure (December 2023) 

Facilities maintenance at MPP (December 2023)

Fiscal savings at MPP (December 2023)

MPP Parental Leave Policy (December 2023) 

Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou report (December 2023)

Pacific Aotearoa Community Outreach Funds (November 2023)

Staff numbers and spend on diversity, rainbow and inclusivity training (November 2023) 

Repayment from former Secretary (October 2023)

Procurement at MPP (November 2023) 

MPP Facebook management (October 2023) 

Policies, guidelines and information on flexible work arrangements (October 2023) 

Photography at former CE’s farewell (October 2023) 

Internal restructure (October 2023)

Repercussions at the Ministry for Pacific Peoples as a result of farewell expenditure (September 2023) 

Gifts to the former Secretary for Pacific Peoples (September 2023) 

Spend on staff functions (September 2023) 

Farewell celebration for former Secretary for Pacific Peoples (September 2023) 

Repayment of gifts (September 2023) 

Photography at outgoing Secretary farewell (September 2023) 

MPP expenditure on events in excess of $10k (September 2023)  

Funding received by the Ministry (September 2023)

MPP recruitment, HR policies and conflicts of interest (September 2023)

Pacific community’s contribution to the New Zealand economy (July 2023)

MPP owned/leased properties (July 2023)

Pacific Housing Initiative funding (July 2023)

Expenditure on flowers and bottled water (July 2023)

Media requests to the Ministry’s Executive Leadership Team (July 2023)

Tongan language in Aotearoa (June 2023)

Insurance premiums and claims (June 2023)

Tupu Aotearoa providers in the South Island (June 2023)

Office space, working from home and stationery expenditure(May 2023)

Number of GETS tenders (May 2023)

Music licenses (May 2023)

Staff suspensions, Use of graphic designers, and Staff redundancies (May 2023)

Spend on suppliers for the 2021/22 financial year (May 2023)

Staff bonuses, sick days and resignations (May 2023)

MPP job titles (April 2023)

Toloa scholarships data(April 2023)

MPP Climate reduce certification from Toitū (April 2023)

2020-2022 nominations data (March 2023)

Teu Le Va Funding recipient (March 2023)

Digital leaders in organisation (February 2023)

Progress towards carbon neutrality (February 2023)

Meeting minutes from Pasefika Auckland Cultural Forum – December 2007 (February 2023)

MPP nomination process for New Zealand Royal Honours (February 2023)

Ministry Board appointments (February 2023)

Carbon travel limits (February 2023)

MPP catering and koha costs (January 2023)

Social media expenses (January 2023)

MPP Facebook posts (January 2023)

Amount spent on consultants for the last six years (January 2023)

MPP catering and koha costs (January 2023)