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OIA Responses

OIA Responses

Below are responses to selected Official Information Act requests received by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, that have been pro-actively released.

OIAs from 2022:

Bula Fiji 7s Tournament (July 2022)

MPP use of te Reo Māori and Pacific languages (July 2022)

MPP Communications staff and media queries (July 2022)

MPP information and records management standards (June 2022)

Dawn Raids correspondence (June 2022)

Funding paid to Pacific Business Village service provider (June 2022)

MPP FTE staff and office space (May 2022)

MPP Senior Leadership away days (May 2022)

2018-2021 Budget Bids (April 2022)

COVID-19 deep cleaning (April 2022)

COVID-19 Community Fund (April 2022)

Carbon neutrality (March 2022)

Correspondence with churches on the COVID-19 Protection Framework (February 2022)

Government department strategies (February 2022)

MPP nominations process (February 2022)

MPP media requests (January 2022)

Information about the 2021 Prime Minister Pacific Youth Awards (January 2022)

OIAs from 2021:

MPP spend on vaccination advertisements (December 2021)

Pacific Financial Capability Fund (December 2021)

MPP staff ethnicity information (December 2021)

MPP COVID-19 marketing spend (December 2021)

MPP flexible working arrangement (November 2021)

Moana Pasifika Super Rugby Team payments (November 2021)

Management of OIA requests (October 2021)

MPP staff surveys (September 2021)

Annual Reviews sent to Select Committees (September 2021)

MPP spend on external contractors (August 2021)

MPP contracts with Māori businesses (July 2021)

Management of OIA statistics (March 2021)

Process for appointing people in relation to Pacific languages (March 2021)

DPMC correspondence with churches about the COVID-19 Protection Framework (February 2021)

MPP financial controls (January 2021)

OIAs from 2020:

MPP financial records in relation to payroll system and associated service costs (December 2020)

Sensitive expenditure (November 2020)

Amount of funding allocated nationally and distribution (November 2020)

MPP Nominations process (October 2020)

Information in relation to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction (August 2020)

OIA charging statistics (July 2020)

Correspondence in relation to the Armed Response Teams (July 2020)