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The Nominations Process

The Nominations Process

The nominations process is a lengthy process, and it may take a while before you hear an update about your application.

When a board role becomes available, The Ministry for Pacific Peoples receive a request from an appointing agency and/or Minister. The request sets out the skills and knowledge required from the candidate and what the position will involve.

We send details of suitable nominees to the appointing agency or organisation. They will consider all nominations received from a range of sources and then recommend to their Minister or the Governor-General who should be appointed.

Minister appointed boards can take up to six months between applying and getting an update on the outcome. A diagram of the appointments process is available on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.

The final appointment decision is made by the agency’s Minister or Governor-General, with Cabinet's approval. The Ministry for Pacific Peoples has no control or influence over the selection process.

If you have been nominated for a position, the outcome can’t be confirmed until after appointments have been considered by the Cabinet Appointment and Honours Committee (APH) and Cabinet.