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Fale mo Aiga

Fale mo Aiga

There are few things more important to people than the home and communities they live in. Pacific Aotearoa is clear about the importance of housing to their wellbeing.

“I would like to see our Pacific community thriving and part of this positive and optimistic vision that includes surety of housing for Pacific people”

Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou Talanoa participant 

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Fale mo Aiga

Fale mo Aiga – Pacific Housing Strategy and Action Plan 2030 (Fale mo Aiga) is the Government’s targeted response to what we heard in the Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou talanoa in 2018 and 2022. A strong, sustained, and coordinated effort is required to both meet their housing aspirations and reverse the poor housing outcomes and socioeconomic disadvantage Pacific peoples have been experiencing for decades.

Fale mo Aiga has been developed collaboratively by Te Manatū mō ngā Iwi ō Te Moana-nui-ā-Kiwa - Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP), Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga – Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities (Kāinga Ora).

Fale mo Aiga responds to the need for a culturally responsive, joined-up housing system, including a strong, capable Pacific housing sector. It promotes a deliberate housing system response to the significant and disproportionate impact the current housing crisis has had on Pacific families across Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’ve included key housing statistics that demonstrate the extent of the disparities and challenges experienced by Pacific peoples and reinforce the need for Pacific-focused solutions across the housing system. We will use these statistics to measure the progress of our cross-government response.

We’ve kept things simple, presenting Fale mo Aiga on two placemats – one for the Strategy and one for the Action Plan. The Fale mo Aiga booklet provides more information about the experiences of Pacific communities, what we’ve heard about their needs and aspirations, the connection to Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou, and how we’ve approached our response.

Fale mo Aiga was launched at an event held in Papakura on 28th November 2022. Pre-launch activities included a visit by senior officials and members of parliament to a nearby Penina Trust housing development.

When launching Fale mo Aiga, the Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio said that housing is critical to the wellbeing of Pacific communities and that there are few things more important to New Zealanders than the homes and communities we live in.

“Supporting our people on the journey of home ownership is a key outcome of Fale mo Aiga while also providing a range of supports for Pacific families during their housing journey, for example, improving access to existing government housing initiatives and delivering new by Pacific, for Pacific programmes."

Learn more about Fale mo Aiga via our resources below. 


Fale mo Aiga Strategy

The vision for the Pacific Housing Strategy 2030 is:

Pacific peoples own and live in affordable, quality, fit-for-purpose, healthy home that enhance their wellbeing.

There are four key priority areas that focus on demand and supply as well as the housing system. These priorities are:

  • Build intergenerational Pacific wealth through home ownership
  • Build affordable, quality healthy, fit-for-purpose homes for Pacific peoples
  • Develop and grow the Pacific housing sector
  • Influence and strengthen the housing system to improve housing outcomes for Pacific peoples

The desired outcomes across these priority areas are:

  • A joined-up, well-functioning and culturally responsive housing system
  • A strong Pacific housing sector supporting Pacific peoples across the housing continuum
  • Pacific Peoples, including youth, elderly, women, and those with disabilities are prioritised and supported through government housing initiatives
  • Affordable, quality, fit-for-purpose, healthy homes
  • Increased home ownership
  • Security of tenure
  • Employment and investment in Pacific communities through social procurement
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer

Fale mo Aiga supports the visions of both Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou and the Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development. These visions are:

  • We are confident in our endeavours, we are a thriving, resilient and prosperous Pacific Aotearoa
  • Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand lives in a home and within a community that meets their needs and aspirations

Pacific Housing Action Plan 2030

The Action Plan component of Fale mo Aiga linked above includes short and medium – long term activities and targets within each of the four priorities.  There are seven initiatives in total. These include new Pacific specific initiatives, while also leveraging off existent initiatives across the housing system.

The seven initiatives are:

Priority 1

  • Implement Pacific financial capability grants fund and the financial literacy programme
  • Support Pacific peoples to achieve home ownership

Priority 2

  • Develop feasibility studies for developing housing on land owned by Pacific organisations and churches
  • Support and invest in shovel ready housing developments

Priority 3

  • Implement the Community Housing Provider Registration programme
  • Support the development of Pacific organisations to deliver housing and support services

Priority 4

  • Strengthen leadership and influence government strategies, policies and programmes

Fale mo Aiga booklet 

The booklet above is a companion document to the Fale mo Aiga placemats. It includes a message from Minister Woods and Minister Sio, as well as a message from the leadership of the three lead agencies.

The purpose of the booklet is to provide background and context to the placemats. It includes information about the approach taken, why there is a focus on home ownership and the direct links between Fale mo Aiga and other strategic documents including the Pacific Wellbeing Strategy. It also includes information about each of the lead agencies and the commitment made to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.