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Register for Nominations Service

Register for Nominations Service

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples (The Ministry) is a nominating agency that identifies suitable candidates from their nominations database to be considered for nominations to public sector boards and committees. The Ministry can also receive requests from outside the public sector.

By completing this registration form, you confirm that you want your details added to the Ministry for Pacific Peoples Nominations Database. Your information provided through this form is stored securely by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. Under the Privacy Act, you are entitled to access any information the Ministry holds about you.

In order to make accurate assessments of suitability, availability, location and interests, the Ministry would appreciate if you can update your details and information regularly or at least once every 12 months. If you no longer want to be considered for nominations and/or you want to withdraw your registration from the Ministry database, you can do this at any time by contacting the Nominations team.

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples can disclose information about suitable candidates from the database to Ministers of the Crown, Ministers respective offices, and other government agencies and departments, when required to be considered for a board vacancy appointment. In some cases, due to urgency or confidentiality, the Ministry will not contact you prior to these referrals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Ministry’s Nominations Team [email protected]

All questions with a * require an answer. The rest are optional.

IMPORTANT: This is a saveable form. At any stage during registration, if you're not yet ready to submit your application, you can press Save Progress to save data entered so far. The resume link will be sent to the first email address entered into the form below. 

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In digitally signing this declaration, I:

  1. Confirm the information provided is true and accurate.
  2. Wish to have my name and details of my relevant experience and skills registered on the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ Nominations Database.
  3. Understand that registration on the Nominations Database does not mean that my name will be automatically forwarded for nomination or that I will be offered an appointment.
  4. Understand it does not commit me to accepting an invitation to be nominated or appointed to a position.
  5. Understand that if I am selected by the Ministry for nomination, in the event of an urgent request to the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, it may not be possible for Ministry staff to contact me to check my availability.
  6. Understand that in such instances, if my nomination is successful, I will be contacted directly by the department, office of the Minister or organisation concerned.
  7. Understand that this information will be held securely by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples on an electronic database.
  8. Understand that the information I provide may be distributed in printed form to other agencies/organisations for use in considering my nomination for appointment to a position.
  9. Understand that the information will be used for these purposes only, and will otherwise be treated in confidence.
  10. Confirm that I have informed my referee that their contact details will be stored at the Ministry for Pacific Peoples.
  11. Understand I have the right to review my personal information held at MPP and to request changes by emailing [email protected]
  12. Understand that the information I provide will be used in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020.
I agree*

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You need to agree to the Declaration to be eligible for Nominations.