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Saving the planet is a conscious effort

Saving the planet is a conscious effort

  • 22 Sep 2019
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Social media connects people in the most wonderful ways, and when four Christchurch-based wahine became connected because of their shared values and perspectives in life, something great occurred.

The Conscious Club was born.

Co-Founder Selina Faimalo, who is in charge of Operations and Engagement says she and the three other co-founders of The Conscious Club – Kophie Su'a Hulsbosch, Lucy Ferguson and Ruby Reedy-Land – met through social media because they shared the same values for their own small businesses on environmental impact.

“We soon realised we were all based in Christchurch,” Selina says.

More heads are better than one, and after getting together earlier this year, the group formed The Conscious Club – which runs a series of events, spreading awareness and education around ethical and sustainable issues.

With climate change and sustainability in focus and with more and more people starting to care about these factors affecting the planet, The Conscious Club provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to use its platform to showcase what positive work they are doing.  

People are jumping on-board and supporting the Club’s events, much to the delight of its Founders. 

“I think its evolved so quickly because people actually care about the planet we live in and want to educate themselves on how to do this,” Selina adds.

Selina, who is of Samoan heritage, grew up in a small town in the United Kingdom where no one knew where Samoa was.

Likewise, Kophie is also of Samoan descent and is on a journey to discover more about her culture.

Along with their co-founders, they believe The Conscious Club is a place for diversity.

“It is a way to show people that women, Pasifika, Māori, palagi and any human being that exists on this earth is welcome,” Selina says.

Kophie says the Founders want to educate Pacific people about climate change and the environmental impacts of products and their general lifestyle, as Pasifika are most affected by climate change.

“We want to show them how daily actions can have an effect on the climate, especially in the Pacific, which is most vulnerable to climate change; and we want to build the association that actions in other parts on the world can affect their family in the Pacific.”

An example of this is how everyday purchases contribute to issues like plastic in the oceans, overfishing, rising sea levels, agriculture pollution, destruction of freshwater and warming temperatures that produce more severe weather events like cyclones, hurricanes and drought, she adds.

The four Founders have a vision to grow The Conscious Club into bigger venues and eventually take events nationwide.

To date, The Conscious Club markets and chat series has gone well, and the team enjoys hosting them, Selina says.

“We want our events to be inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds from Millennials to Pensioners as well all cultures. 

“As we are Pasifika Millennials, we want to show it’s not just a palagi thing to want to save the planet.”