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Yavu eLearning module

Yavu eLearning module

Yavu is the Pacific engagement tool to support anyone who works in local and central government, or the private sector who is required to engage with Pacific communities. It can be used for a range of initiatives, policies and decision-making where Pacific people will be affected directly or indirectly.

The Yavu tool works by applying four principles to the generic engagement process:

  • Understanding context - know who Pacific peoples are
  • Environment - make time to connect
  • Responsibility - recognise Pacific peoples’ contribution
  • Teu le va - build, nurture and strengthen relationships.

The four principles of Yavu can be applied at each step of the engagement process with Pacific communities, and is further supported with a checklist and guide for what it looks like in practice.

After this module, you will:

  • Gain confidence in developing a Pacific-specific engagement plan
  • Learn to apply the Yavu principles to the generic engagement process
  • Understand the journey of Pacific peoples and useful sources of information.