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Fijian Language Week 2022

Fijian Language Week 2022

Celebrate online: Sunday 2 October – Saturday 8 October.

Last year’s theme for Macawa ni Vosa Vakaviti – Fijian Language Week was Noqu Vosa, Ai Vakadei ni Noqu Tiko Vinaka, which means my language provides stability to my wellbeing.

Noqu Vosa ai vakadei ni noqu Tiko Vinaka, reminds us of the importance of our Pacific languages and cultures for our overall wellbeing. Pacific languages and cultures also provide strength in challenging times.

Last year’s theme reflected the overarching 2021 Pacific Language Week theme of Wellbeing, by linking the importance of language to overall wellbeing.

Due to COVID-19 Alert Levels across Aotearoa Macawa ni Vosa Vakaviti – Fijian Language Week was celebrated online. 

This year's theme will be revealed soon.

Connect online by visiting the official NZ Fijian Language Week Facebook page.

Fijian Language Week resources

Fijian Language Champion Honours 2021

The Language Champion Honours is a new initiative which has been introduced as part of the Pacific Language Weeks series 2021.

The Daunivosa Vakaviti Awards recognise our language advocates from the Fijian community who have been acknowledged as role models for language revitalisation and preservation of Vosa Vakaviti in Aotearoa.


Marama (Female) award - Esther Nagera

Turaga (Male) award - Peni Seru

Matua (Elder) award - Joseph Davis

Youth Gone award - Selai Rakulu and Lita Momo

Matua Youth award – Adi Losalini Radininatewa Vakalalabure

Vanua award - Waikato University Fijian Students Association (WUFSA)