We are so excited you are considering working for our Ministry – we are dedicated to providing our people with leadership development and skills which enable Pacific engagement and successes.  We have some new and exciting roles across a wide range of career pathways.

Working for us is amazing – we offer a positive and warm Pacific culture where we encourage our team to reach their full potential.  What ever role you play in the Ministry – this is underpinned with a desire to serve our Pacific peoples and we do that with the guidance and focus of our Lalanga Fou goals – we encourage you to read this, along with the full report.

At the Ministry, we recognise that diversity, inclusion, and accessibility is important to our business. We embrace the unique perspective and capabilities of our current and future employees, which will help us continue to drive innovation for our Pacific People and achieve our business goals. Our culture enables us to create an environment of involvement, respect, and connection with the communities where we work - benefitting individual employees and our Pacific People across New Zealand.

Our Ministry team provide strong links with our communities and we are fortunate to have multi-lingual staff members who help us build strong relationships with Pacific communities.  We deliver specialised knowledge of areas of importance to Pacific communities and come from a range of backgrounds: academic, business, policy, media, communications and community.

If you have any questions please touch base with the team on email - [email protected]

We have a number of job vacancies available - you can find them here.