Improving Housing for Pacific Families and Communities

BUDGET 2020 – Pacific Recovery Package

Affordable, quality housing is critical to the health and wellbeing of Pacific families and communities. Budget 2020 provides a Pacific housing package of up to $41.315m in funding over the next four years, to improve housing for Pacific families and their communities.

There are four components to the Pacific housing package which will be administered by the Ministry and delivered through Pacific businesses, community providers and organisations, identified through a tender process set out below:

 1. Building financial capability 

The delivery of personal finance training services to provide Pacific people with the financial tools they need to help them successfully manage their finances during and after economic shocks such as COVID-19, and to support savings towards home ownership. 

2. Building Pacific organisations 

Provide support for Pacific groups and organisations to become registered Community Housing Providers as well as to assist them in completing business cases to help determine the best options to develop their land for housing. 

3. Building affordable homes

Funds to support shovel-ready projects to build ideal housing options for Pacific families, including projects that provide employment for Pacific tradespersons and apprentices.

 4. Regional migration

Support for Pacific people to create opportunities for success through employment, education, and housing in the regions. 

The tenders will open on the Government Electronic Tender System (GETS) over the coming 6 months.  We will confirm the dates for each tender and update this page when more information is available.

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To register your interest to be notified when the tenders are opened,  or if you have any further questions. Please email us with your name, email address and contact details to register your interest at the following email: [email protected]

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