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We produce a variety of reports to present new Pacific insights

Global to Local: Understanding models of community language revitalisation for Pacific languages in Aotearoa New Zealand - A literature review 

In 2021, the Ministry of Pacific People’s commissioned Te Ipukarea Research Institute at AUT to
provide an analysis of the current research on language revitalisation and its approaches and models
of community language learning that have been effective and successful globally. This research is
compiled as a literature review.

Pacific Aotearoa Status Report: A snapshot(2020)

This report provides a picture of Pacific peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand utilising various data sources that were available at a particular point in time. It does not seek to analyse the data in depth, but to present data and facts as they stand.

Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Pacific Churches (2021)

This study explores the role of churches and focuses on understanding the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on church programmes and family needs, and the response of churches to family needs and recovery efforts during this pandemic.

Pacific Economy Research Report on Unpaid work and Volunteering in Aotearoa (2021)

This report captures Pacific peoples’ insights on volunteering and unpaid productive work. Guided by Pacific research principles and methodologies, data was collected through focus groups, talanoa – discussion – and a survey.

Pacific Women and Men in Business Report (2021)

This report provides data about the businesses owned in full, or in part, by Pacific people aged 20 to 65. It is the first report to analyse Pacific-owned businesses in New Zealand and provides a good baseline to measure against as we recover from the effects of COVID-19. The report also includes success stories of Pacific women in business as well as perspectives on Pacific people in business in Aotearoa New Zealand by the Pacific Business Trust. 

2020 Stocktake of Gender, Maori, Pacific, and Ethnic Diversity on Public Sector Boards and Committees

Results of the 2020 stocktake of gender, Māori, Pacific and ethnic diversity on public sector boards and committees, undertaken annually by Manatū Wāhine Ministry for Women. 

Pacific Aotearoa - The Lalanga Fou Languages and High Tech Fono Report (2020)

The Lalanga Fou Languages and High Tech Fono was held over two days (26-27 November 2019), and brought together key stakeholders in the areas of  technology and language to discuss opportunities in the technology and Pacific language spaces. In attendance were Pacific and non-Pacific scientists, technology and innovation business leaders and academics, language experts, community groups, government officials, and broader stakeholders.

Wellbeing Budget Publications (2019- 2020)

The Wellbeing Budget has  embraced Pacific values and Pacific-led solutions to achieving intergenerational outcomes while also meeting present-day needs. The Budget responds to the refreshed vision for Pacific peoples as captured by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ Lalanga Fou Report, which highlights four key goal areas, with the focus on languages, cultures, prosperous communities, resilience, health, in addition to being confident, thriving Pacific young people.  

We have created publications to tell the story of how The Wellbeing Budget can support Pacific Peoples:

Wellbeing Budget: 2021

Wellbeing Budget: 2020

Wellbeing Budget: 2019

Exploring the Ethnic Pay Gap in the Public Services: Voices from the Rito Report (2019)

The diversity of the New Zealand Public Service makes it stronger. However, there are barriers to employment within State agencies - specifically around gender, ethnicity and culture, disability, orientation and identity. This research report by Professor Jarrod Haar, was commissioned to capture the voices of those most affected by the ethnic pay gap, and to provide first-hand insights on where future action to address the findings should be focused.

Pacific Aotearoa - Lalanga Fou Report (2018)

The Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou report is the start of a conversation to better understand Pacific people’s contribution to Aotearoa's economy, and how we define success, prosperity and well-being. It lays a strong foundation that we can build upon for generations to come.

Feasibility Studies (2016 - 2017)

In Budget 2016/17  two feasibility studies were funded to review the viability of Pacific Community Projects: Project Tatupu and the Pacific Cultural Centre.

Project Tatupu Feasibility Study
Project Tatupu explores whether further migration out of densely populated areas of Auckland to growing areas of New Zealand may help Pacific families to lead a more prosperous life. The core purpose of this study has been to assess whether moving to the regions is a practical, achievable, viable strategy for Pacific peoples that will lead to community development and positive outcomes.

Pacific Cultural Centre Study
The objectives of this feasibility study to establish whether a Pacific Cultural Centre can to both support key objectives and generate sufficient income to meet the costs of goods and services offered. 

Contemporary Pacific Status Report (2016)

The Contemporary Pacific Status Report offers a present-day snapshot of the Pacific peoples population in New Zealand. Information from various data sources, including the 2013 Census, are brought together into one easily accessible document and highlights the current position of Pacific peoples in New Zealand.

Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways: Final Report (2014)

The Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways project is, to date, the largest and only Pacific-specific longitudinal study designed to explore and address information gaps on the formative years of Pacific adolescent career planning. The project follows a group of over 900 Pacific students from 27 secondary schools across New Zealand over three years from Years 9 – 11.

Specifically Pacific: Engaging Young Pacific Workers Report (2011)

Young Pacific people are a growing proportion of the New Zealand workforce but very little is known about what helps them contribute fully at work.This research asked young Pacific people and their managers how workplaces can get the best from these talented young people.

Pacific Island Communities and Social Enterprise Discussion Paper (2011)

This paper explores social enterprise and the potential for Pacific communities to become more involved as an important pathway to better social and economic outcomes for Pacific people. It is based on a literature review and five case studies involving either established Pacific social enterprises, or mainstream social housing providers whose clients include Pacific communities.

Pacific Pathways to the Prevention of Sexual Violence Report (2010)

This multi-ethnic research project analyses relevant cosmology, language, rituals, protocols, behaviours, narratives, symbols, genealogies and practices as potential sources of Pacific core values, ethics and beliefs relevant to healthy and safe relationships and sexual violence prevention.