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Kiribati Language Week 2021

Kiribati Language Week 2021

Sunday 11 July - Saturday 17 July

This year’s theme is Maubonian te teei i nanon te mwenga bon karekean te maiuraoi, te ongotaeka ao te tangira, which means the home is where we nurture our children towards a healthy, responsible, loving, and prosperous future.

The theme acknowledges the important role of the Kiribati mothers, both within their families and the wider community. It also reflects the overarching 2021 Pacific Language Week theme of Wellbeing, by linking the importance of language to overall wellbeing.

Being a mother is a role of service, love, and dedication to ensure the next generation are ready to navigate a world where they are far from their homeland. Mothers not only raise and nurture their children, but they are also raising and nurturing the importance of Kiribati language and culture for their children's wellbeing.

Planned activities and events will be held throughout New Zealand to showcase the richness of the Kiribati language, culture and traditions.

Some activities and key events for Kiribati Language Week will also be available on the official NZ Kiribati Language Week Facebook page so more people can learn, embrace and celebrate Wikin te Taetae ni Kiribati. 

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Kiribati Language Champion Honours 2021

The Language Champion Honours is a new initiative which has been introduced as part of the Pacific Language Weeks series 2021.

These awards recognise our language advocates from the Kiribati community who have been acknowledged as role models for language revitalisation and preservation of Te taetae ni Kiribati in Aotearoa: 

Kaure Katekeimoa
Kinaua Ewels