Zero fees for Pacific youth in trades

posted: 12:00 pm - 28th November 2017
OCA carousal

Spaces for 2018 are now available in trades for Pacific youth aged 16-19, to study free at the Oceania Career Academy (OCA) in South Auckland.

The new combined National Certificate in Building Construction and Allied Trades / NZ Certificate in Manufacturing has been set-up to give young Pacific people a chance to progress in higher paid employment.

OCA uses education as a vehicle to develop them through employment skills training, bridging students from secondary school into skilled industry employment and higher education. 

The course runs for a year and is free to eligible students. 

OCA General Manager Anthony Tuitahi encourages Pacific youth to apply as the course helps them onto a pathway with a clear future.

“Part of what we offer is supporting youth through the programme who might need that extra help - whether it’s tutoring or pastoral care and cultural support.” 

“We do what it takes to get our Pacific youth qualified and into higher-paying jobs.”  

There are plenty of opportunities for Pacific youth to build a career in trades. OCA is part of the Southern Initiative and the Maori Pasifika Trades Training Initiative (MPTT). 

“More than 300 students have come through OCA’s programmes so far, and the vast majority are either in employment or undertaking further study,” says Anthony. 

The Ministry encourages many young people to look into OCA’s programme.

To study in the free 2018 Certificate in Building and Construction Level 2 programme, students need to be of Pacific descent and aged 16-19. They also need to have a qualification of an NCEA Certificate Level 1 to qualify. 

The first intake starts in February 2018.

To enrol visit the OCA website