News and Stories - August, 2020


Cook Islands Language Week is going strong

posted: 9:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

The Cook Islands community around New Zealand is gearing up to celebrate the ninth edition of Te ‘Epetoma o Te Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani - Cook Islands Language Week. Read more

Language encouraged at gathering place

posted: 9:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

For more than 50 years, Enuamanu Atiu-nui Maruarua Society has provided a gathering place for Cook Islanders to speak te reo Māori Kuki Airani and practise cultural traditions. Read more

Breezy empower Tokoroa youth

posted: 8:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

Hailing from the small Waikato community, Breezy has been created to encourage young people in Tokoroa to keep striving high. Read more

Join the MPP aiga

posted: 7:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

Now is your opportunity to join the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) - a dynamic and vibrant team, with a focus on achieving positive outcomes for Pacific communities in Aotearoa. Read more