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Rugby role models help boost language use

posted: 8:00 pm - 23rd February 2020

Children’s book author and Languages Innovation Fund recipient Ryan Gounder believes all young people need role models to look up to. Read more

Polyfest strengthens connection to cultural identity

posted: 7:00 pm - 23rd February 2020

Of Samoan, Maori and Niuean heritage, Finlay Samasoni-Tukuitonga has always felt a strong connection to his Pacific culture. Read more

Fund supports more Pacific languages on-air

posted: 9:00 pm - 16th February 2020

More Cook Islands Māori and Fijian will be broadcasted on air around Whanganui, Raetihi and Taumarunui regions thanks to the Languages Innovation Fund (LIF). Read more

Boxing and life lessons go hand-in-hand

posted: 8:00 pm - 16th February 2020

While sport was the drawcard, Jayde Hunter-Transom has provided students at Tamatea Intermediate School who attended his boxing classes with much more, sharing his own life experiences, and teaching them about resilience. Read more

Coming together in the spirit of ASB Polyfest

posted: 7:00 pm - 16th February 2020

Growing up on Auckland’s North Shore, New Zealand-born Samoan Peteli Setu says he has become used to being part of a minority group. Read more