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Pacific Vision something to be proud of

Pacific Vision something to be proud of

  • 18 Mar 2019
Rachel November 2018

K’aute Pasifika Chief Executive Officer Leaupepe Rachel Karalus (pictured) says the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) is its Ministry and the organisation is looking forward to Friday’s Lalanga Fou Fono - Tulī Takes Flight in Hamilton.   

“As Pacific peoples, the launch of the Pacific Aotearoa Vision is something we should be very proud of,” Rachel says. 

“The goals (in Lalanga Fou) which the Vision has set are goals we should all be supporting and embedding in our everyday lives through leadership of our tamaiti and broader fanau and ‘aiga, and in our connections and networks in our broader villages.”   

Hamilton-based K’aute Pasifika is a pan-pacific “for purpose” organisation with the express mission of improving the holistic well-being of Pacific communities in the Waikato. 

This is done through a whole of family, wraparound approach that spans three service delivery arms: health, social services and education services, Rachel says. 

K’aute Pasifika also leads Aere Tai Collective - a collective of Pacific providers which span the Midlands Region including providers in Tokoroa (South Waikato Pacific Island Community Services Trust), Tauranga (Pacific Island Community Trust Tauranga), Rotorua (Rotorua Pacific Island Development Community Trust), Hawkes Bay (Kingsforce Health Charitable Trust), Gisborne (Pacific Island Community Trust Gisborne) and Taranaki (Vaimoana Charitable Trust). 

The CEO says K’aute Pasifika representatives are attending the fono to support the Ministry in sharing Lalanga Fou and the key messages of the Pacific Vision. 

As far as outcomes from the fono go, Rachel says she would love to see greater connectedness between the Ministry and the broader Pacific community in the region, as well as greater visibility and recognition of our Pacific people across the Waikato in the work of the Ministry moving forward. 

“I would also love to see an increased awareness of the Ministry’s role in leading the development and implementation of the Vision.” 

Pacific people across the Waikato should attend the fono to show solidarity and support for our Ministry and to learn about the wonderful, aspirational work that is in motion, Rachel adds. 

“It is important we also learn how we can further support the Ministry in its work and in turn, contribute to improved outcomes for our Pacific peoples.” 

Lalanga Fou fono -Tulī takes flight 

When: March 22 (5.30pm – 9pm)

Where: The Link Community Centre, 4 Te Aroha Street, Hamilton East.