Tokelau Language

Malo Ni!

Te vāiaho o te gagana Tokelau

Tokelau Language Week is being held Sunday 27 October – Saturday 2 November 2019

The theme for this year is: Tiutiuga a Tautai ma Figo auā te lumanaki o Fānau, which means Mastery of traditional knowledge, skills, expertise and leadership help shape the future

Tokelau Language Week Poster 

 Tokelau Poster Language Week

Help promote Tokelau Language Week in your church, workplace, school or your community.

Click here to download the 2019 Tokelau Language Week poster

Helpful Resources

We encourage you to speak, use, teach and learn the Tokelau language, below are some helpful resources and links:

Events Calendar

We encourage you to find an event happening for Tokelau Language Week in your area and take part in the vibrant celebrations.

If you know of an event taking place in your community, please share those details with us - email [email protected] 

Download the 2019 Events Calendar here