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Apply online for the Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund

Apply online for the Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund

This application form is for the Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund.

The Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund has been established as part of the Dawn Raids apology by the Government. This fund is part of a reconciliation process to capture a historical account of the Dawn Raids. 

Please note that you are not able to save and close your application to come back to at a later stage. 

Your details
Primary contact details
Secondary contact details
Tell us about your initiative

Describe how your initiative will:

  • Work with people and/or communities that were directly impacted by the Dawn Raids; and/or 
  • Work with people and/or communities who had their homes raided and/or were stopped on the street and asked to produce their passport or permit during the Dawn Raids; and/or 
  • Be led by, Pacific persons or Pacific community groups directly impacted by the Dawn Raids. 

Initiatives that demonstrate the above will be preferred.

If applicable, how do you intend to store and preserve your initiative?

Examples of archival storage settings include: 

  • Donating a copy of a physical or digital initiative to libraries like the Alexander Turnbull Library, regional libraries or museums.
  • Storing an initiative within a community archive. 
Supporting documents

Please upload a bank statement in the name of the individual, organisation or group applying.

It must show: 

  • logo of bank 
  • name of bank 
  • account number 
  • account holder’s name. 

If the account is not in the name of the group receiving funding and the account belongs to one of the contacts, please provide a letter or email from the other contact agreeing to this. 

If the account belongs to a different person or entity, please provide a letter or email from both contacts agreeing to this. 


You declare and agree that: 

  1. You are authorised to act on behalf of your organisation (if applicable). 
  2. You are a citizen of permanent resident of New Zealand. 
  3. You have not otherwise received approval for funding for the same proposal. 
  4. The information provided in this application form is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. 
  5. That the grant will be used solely for the purpose to what is outlined in this application. You will fulfil the requirements as outlined in this form to the best of your abilities.  
  6. There is no guarantee that your or your organisation will be successful in securing any funding from the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. 
  7. You will supply the Ministry for Pacific Peoples with a scanned copy or screenshot of the bank account number funds will be deposited into if successful. 
  8. The information provided in this application can be used by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples for statistical purposes and/or policy development. 
  9. You will provide an accountability report outlining the usage of the grant. 

Your application will be assessed by a panel and an outcome will be sent to you by Friday, 25 February 2022.

By digitally signing below you agree to the above terms and conditions.