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Apply online for the Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund Round Two

Apply online for the Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund Round Two

This application form is for the Teu le Va - Dawn Raids History Community Fund Round Two.

If you cannot complete this form online, please download and fill in the MS Word or PDF form and complete it in your own time, making sure you submit the completed form and supporting documents to [email protected] by 5pm, 24 February 2023.

The downloadable forms can be found here: [MS Word version] OR [PDF version].

Before starting, we recommend you read through the fund information and the frequently asked questions.

IMPORTANT: This is a saveable form. At any stage during form completion, you can press Save Progress at the bottom of the form to save data entered so far and you'll be sent an email to the first email address you entered into the form below. To retrieve and finish your application, click on the link in that email.

Your details (primary contact)
Are you a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident?*
Secondary contact details
Organisation / group details

If you are representing an organisation or group, please fill out the questions in this section:

Initiative details

Describe how your initiative will*:

  • be ready or near ready to commence upon receiving funding
  • work with people and/or communities that were directly impacted by the Dawn Raids
  • work with people who had their homes raided and/or were stopped on the street and asked to produce their passport or permit during the Dawn Raids period
  • work with, or be led by, Pacific persons or Pacific community groups directly impacted by the Dawn Raids.

Initiatives that demonstrate the above will be preferred.

Describe how your initiative will contribute to any or all of the following fund objectives*

The fund objectives are to:

  • allow for a healing process, through storytelling, for those impacted by the Dawn Raids
  • raise awareness of racism and discrimination in New Zealand
  • increase understanding and appreciation of the history of Pacific communities in New Zealand
  • inform educational resources about the Dawn Raids
  • ensure Pacific languages, cultures and identities thrive in New Zealand.
(Please DO NOT add dollar signs, commas or decimal places)
Supporting documents

Your funding application will need to include the following 2 items of supporting documentation:

1) an initiative budget for the total funding amount requested, uploaded below using the initiative budget template provided. 

Initiative Budget template: [Download MS Word format]  |  [Download PDF format

To ensure you don't lose your place in this form, right mouse click your preferred link above and choose Save Link As to save it to your device. Alternatively, click the Save Progress button at bottom of the form to save your application progress before downloading the template.

2) a bank statement in the name of the individual, organisation or group applying for funding, emailed through to [email protected]. Your bank statement must show the bank name and logo, the bank account number and bank account holder's name.

Please DO NOT upload your bank statement to this form - it MUST be emailed to [email protected]Please email this supporting documentation through as soon as possible after submission to ensure your application can be processed.

If the account is not in the name of the primary contact or group / organisation receiving funding, please provide a letter to [email protected] from all parties agreeing to the account being used.

IMPORTANT: You'll be required to provide all supporting documents before we can process your application.


Please make sure any documents uploaded or emailed are saved in .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png or PDF file format ONLY and please include your full name or organisation name in the filename before attaching. This will help us match up your documents with your application form. Please also make sure any attachments are no larger than 4MB each in file size.

Application checklist
Before submitting your application, please check you have:*
Applicant declaration

In digitally signing this Declaration, I:

  1. Confirm that if successful, I/we will not use funding for activities outlined in the What's Not Funded section of the FAQs.

  2. Confirm that I am authorised to act on behalf of my organisation (if applicable). 

  3. Confirm that I am a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand. 

  4. Will notify the Ministry for Pacific Peoples at the time of my application submission if I have received funding for the same or similar proposal

  5. Confirm the information contained in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge

  6. Confirm that any funding received will be used solely for the purpose outlined in this application.

  7. Agree to fulfil the requirements as outlined in this form to the best of my/our abilities.  

  8. Understand there is no guarantee that this application will be successful in securing any funding from the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. 

  9. Agree to supply the Ministry for Pacific Peoples with a scanned copy or screenshot of the bank account number that funds will be deposited into, should this application be successful.

  10. Agree to follow Government COVID-19 health measures for gatherings and social distancing when required.

  11. Agree that information provided in this application may be used by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples for statistical purposes and/or policy development. 

  12. Agree to provide monthly updates, a six-month progress report, and a final accountability report outlining usage of the funds, should this application be successful.

I agree*

If you're not yet ready to submit your application, you can press Save progress to save data entered so far. You will receive an email with a link back to this form to allow you to complete it at a later date. If you're ready to submit your application, press Submit application.

Once you press Submit application, the page should refresh and you should see a "Thanks, we've received your submission" message indicating that your application has been submitted successfully. You should also receive an email confirming receipt of your submission.

If you don't see the message or haven't received a confirmation email after 15 minutes, please re-submit this form.