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What if I have another scholarship? Can I also apply for a Toloa Tertiary Scholarship?

The Toloa Tertiary Scholarship funds course and compulsory fees.  Simply make sure that your application lists any known scholarship – name of provider, purpose and value.   


If my other Scholarship funds accommodation or study expenses, can I apply for the Toloa Scholarship?

Yes - if the funds from the other scholarship are not used to fund your course or compulsory fees. Simply list the scholarship information on your application - name of provider, purpose and value. 


If I am successful in my application, how will the Scholarship payments be made? 

Capped at $9000 per year (to a maximum value of $25,000 over three years), the Toloa Scholarships cover the course and compulsory fees for the approved programme of study. Compulsory fees are course fees, plus Student Services Fee and Building Levy.

Payment of the full scholarship amount will be made directly to your University's Scholarships Office at the beginning of the course of study. The Scholarships Office will manage allocation of the scholarship funds to approved fees. Scholarship funds will not be passed directly to you

The Scholarships will continue up to their third year of study providing that you continue to meet scholarship requirements.


What if I change from STEM to Health Sciences?

If you transfer to a non-STEM course of study, or withdraw from study altogether, any unused scholarship funds will be returned to the Ministry.


How does fees-FREE in 2018 impact the Toloa Scholarship? 

For new undergraduate recipients that are studying for the first time, the fees FREE will cover your first year course and compulsory fees, and the Toloa Tertiary Scholarship will fund your second and third year course and compulsory fees.

With the government covering first year fees for new undergraduate recipients, this allowed the Ministry for the first time, to expand the offering to potential at risk second and third year students, and to more postgraduate students.


I have won a Toloa Scholarship and keep getting reminders to pay my fees?

Please introduce yourself at the Scholarships Office and at the Pasifika Office. The University Scholarships Office can negotiate with the Student Finance Office to advise that a Scholarship payment is pending, and this may stop the recurring fees payment reminder.


What if my annual course fees are higher than $9,000?

The Toloa Scholarship will fund up to $9,000 per annum to cover course and compulsory fees. If fees exceed $9,000 per annum, then additional funding may be sourced elsewhere to cover the excess. Part payment may be from another Scholarship - please check the purpose for that scholarship.