Pledge for Pacific attire in Parliament

posted: 1:38 pm - 13th August 2017
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Traditional Pacific attire could soon be a new trend in Parliament after a strong proposal by the Pacific Youth Leadership and Transformation (PYLAT) Council in Christchurch to allow traditional Pacific clothing in the House of Representatives.

Parliamentary fashion could be a lot more colourful if Pacific clothing is adopted by New Zealand's MPs.

Radio NZ reports that Parliament has the potential to get a lot more fashionable if changes to the definition of formal wear allows Pacific clothing to be worn. 

This is a proposal strongly recommended by PYLAT’s Chair Josiah Tualamali'i and the Council.

PYLAT hopes that Parliament will embrace our young people’s voice in order to engage more Pacific youth democratically.

PYLAT also has a strong push to allow Pacific languages be spoken in the House.

The two ideas were adopted into NZ Parliament Rules, allowing Pacific and other formal cultural wear be treated as formal wear and that Pacific languages can be used for speeches in Parliament, on condition that a translation is provided.

The Ministry supports the voice of Pacific youth and PYLAT with their leadership development, enabling more young people to voice their opinions and become part of the Council to influence decisions for young people.

PYLAT is a community organisation and charitable trust that runs groups and workshops as well as getting Pacific youth involved in democratic processes, enabling their voices to be heard in policy and decision-making at both local and national levels.