Give feedback and help New Zealand families

posted: 12:19 pm - 20th August 2017
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Do you receive Working for Families payments?  Do you pay or receive Child Support?  Are you paying back a Student Loan?

There are proposed changes to the way Inland Revenue manages Working for Families Tax Credits and child support, and they need your feedback.

We all know that the system is not perfect. Currently, some families choose to wait until the end of the year to get their Working for Families tax credit in a lump sum. Although this means there is no worry about getting into debt, it also means they might struggle to make ends meet throughout the year.

Some families also find that child support payments do not accurately reflect the ability of both parents to care for a child.

These new proposals would give families more certainty about what support they are entitled to, and what their payment obligations are throughout the year. They include basing Working for Families payments on more recent income, instead of an estimate, and deducting child support payments automatically from the salary and wages of all liable parents. 

It is important that our Pacific community gives feedback on these proposals.

There are three ways to give feedback.  You can answer some quick questions in this online survey,  place a comment in the online forum, or mail with a written submission addressed to: Making Tax Simpler, Deputy Commissioner, Policy and Strategy, PO Box 2198, Wellington 6140. 

All feedback will be considered before deciding how to move forward with changes, so that our community have a say in shaping the future of New Zealand families.

A summary of the proposals, two short videos and a quick survey are available in English, Samoan and Tongan, and seven other languages.

Go to for more information and please submit your feedback by 15 September 2017.