Enrichment beyond the classroom

posted: 12:30 pm - 2nd November 2017
2016 02 18 Coote MPP 511

"I love working with the kids," says Jane Time, owner of Stride Kids, a before and after school care programme dedicated to making a difference in the Pacific community, with a focus on children aged between 5 and 13 years old.  

“I love seeing kids transform and I’m enthusiastic about making a difference and using unique talents to encourage and inspire them.”

Jane and her husband James established Gateway Kids in 2013, which has been rebranded as “Stride Kids”.

The renaming of the business to Stride Kids signifies their inspiration to expand the business into other areas of service.

“We started off with a small dream,” smiles Jane.

“We were both working full time, raising 3 kids in 2013, and since then we have expanded our family to 5 children.”

“At the time, we were putting our kids into day care and we felt that we were not doing enough for them or spending enough time with them and had a desire to find something purposeful.”

“We are a community focused family and we wanted to create a service that was not only going to benefit our children, but to also support and help our local and Pacific community.”

This led the pair to set up their After School Care service, aiming to provide an affordable service for struggling families.

“Our team are very dedicated and a team that also has a desire to see children and families transformed and inspired to do better.”

“We have an Out of School care and Recreation (OSCAR) accreditation.  We also run a morning care service and holiday programme, linking up with NZ Kids Food, a business started in Wainuiomata by Renee Ailao, which provides affordable and nutritious lunches, delivered to schools all over Wellington.”

“We have a lot of dreams and aspirations on our wish list which includes a Youth Centre, Café and more branches around the Wellington region, which will benefit our young people in our communities that are looking for a new experience and to also provide job opportunities,” says Jane.

“Networking is very important to us. We have met some amazing people who have been part of our business growth and building healthy relationships is the key to being a successful business and creating opportunities.”

“Our business model is about educating our children in life skills, enriching them beyond the classroom by being innovative with our activities, equipping them with tools to support them at school and at home, supporting our parents as much as we can and focusing on community and how we can teach our kids to make a difference and be the difference”.

Asking Jane where she sees Stride Kids in the future,  her response is all about the support and their trusted network.  “It’s about getting people involved, and it’s about sharing your journey to inspire others and to be a long-term solution in our education sector.”

“For us, we have used our backgrounds, upbringing and culture to help create opportunities and inspire our people and those that surround us that “You Can Do It.”

“It’s important for us to be a voice, to be an example to our Pacific people that there are pathways to success.  If you have a dream or aspiration to create a product or service I would encourage to go for it, don’t look side to side, but look forward, work hard and never give up,” says Jane.

“If we can be a vehicle or a support agent to help our Pacific people, and especially our young people, then we know we are doing what we set out to do back in 2013.”