Delivering Kapasa training

posted: 11:55 am - 20th August 2017
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The Ministry is delivering workshops on Kapasa, the Pacific policy tool to support policy practitioners in designing, developing and delivering a policy that works for Pacific peoples.

Last month, the Ministry met with policy advisers and directors of the Industry Trade Organisation in a workshop for trade careers, hosted by the Ministry for Women, and as part of the meeting, made a presentation of Kapasa and how it works.

Sela Finau, Ministry’s National Policy Manager says the purpose of the engagement with the ITOs was predominantly about how they could engage with and recruit more Pacific Islands women into trade careers.

“As part of this workshop the Ministry presented Kapasa, with a focus to help ITOs think about policy framework and to think critically about ways to effectively include information about Pacific peoples in their policy development process.”

Since the launch of the Kapasa document in June, numerous requests have been received by the Ministry for it and additionally for policy training workshop sessions.

Earlier this month, the Ministry provided Kapasa training to about 50 staff members of the Ara Institute in Christchurch.

As are result of these workshops, participants were able to gain a deeper understanding on how the Kapasa tool works and how it applies to the role they have in supporting Pacific peoples. 

The Ministry continues to promote the Kapasa tool as an approach for incorporating the perspectives of Pacific peoples in the generic policy development process. Click on these links to find out more about Kapasa and Why Kapasa matters.