Awesome ending to Cook Islands Language Week

posted: 11:14 am - 13th August 2017
Inside pic Mangere Bridge School

The singing, drumming and dancing performed by Mangere Bridge School provided a perfect ending for the Cook Islands Language Week.

More than 70 people gathered at the school Hall, including parents and guests, to witness the performances and be part of the festivities.

Minister for Pacific Peoples, Hon Alfred Ngaro was the special guest, attending to convince children that learning a foreign language will increase the size of their brain.

The school started with the Cook Islands national anthem followed by a range of performances.

Mr Ngaro says “it’s been a real pleasure seeing the young ones engaging in Te Reo Reo Māori Kūki ’Āirani and celebrating Cook Islands culture in their efforts to keep the language alive.”

“It's always nice to see the children participate in cultural activities and understanding how important the reo Māori Kūki Āirani is, and having the parents support them is fantastic to see.”

Over 62,000 Cook Islanders live in New Zealand, however the language is still endangered in New Zealand.

“Mangere Bridge School has made a huge contribution and I commend them for getting the parents involved in their efforts to preserve the language”, says Mr Ngaro.

The school ensures that the Cool Islands culture will flourish and gives meaning to children which enables them to thrive.

The Ministry was part of the celebrations embracing the Cooks Islands Culture and Language in a way that promotes and enhances learning.