Our Stories

The sky is the limit

posted: 3:05 pm - 16th February 2018

A strong advocate for the Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth Awards, Air New Zealand, is offering exceptional young leaders the opportunity of a lifetime. Read more

Acknowledging Pasifika achievement in all arenas

posted: 10:00 am - 16th February 2018

Structural Engineer at Beca Limited Karina Kaufusi says it is time to recognise successful Pasifika across the board – not just in the sporting arena – to inspire future generations. Read more

Writing Pacific artists into existence

posted: 12:00 pm - 15th February 2018

The saying “we need to write ourselves into existence” often comes to mind when people ask Lana Lopesi what inspires her work as a Pacific creative. Read more

Mose and the Manumea

posted: 3:00 pm - 14th February 2018

Found nowhere else but Samoa, the manumea is as symbolic to Samoa as the kiwi is to New Zealand. It is the national bird of Samoa, and while Samoans and visitors to the Pacific nation see it every day on the 50 sene coin and $20 tala note, it is so rarely seen in its natural habitat, the forest. Read more

Building hopes and dreams

posted: 1:15 pm - 14th February 2018

When Teokotai Aporo discovered school was not for him, he looked to the Pacific Employment Support Service (PESS) to help him achieve his dream of becoming a qualified builder. Read more