Tuvalu Language Week

Tuvalu Language Week runs from 25 September to 1 October 2016.

This year’s theme is ‘Ulu kite fatu e malu ei koe’ which translates into ‘shelter in the rock for your safety’. This encouraging Tuvaluans that Jesus is the Rock and the main source of their language, culture and their identity.

Events will be held around the country to celebrate Tuvaluan language, culture and contributions to New Zealand. To follow events on social media, use #TuvaluLanguageWeek.

Tuvaluans in New Zealand

There are 3,537 Tuvaluan people living in New Zealand (according to Census 2013). Of these, 72% live in Auckland, 12.5% in Wellington and the rest primarily in Otago. Of the Tuvaluans living in Auckland, the majority live in the Henderson-Massey Local Board Area – nearly 65%.

Across NZ, there are four Tuvaluan Christian churches and a Tuvaluan playgroup in west Auckland, a Tuvaluan language programme on 531pi and Nui FM radio programmes and representation on Ministers Advisory Council and Auckland Council’s Pacific Panel.

The Ministry has a close relationship with the Tuvaluan Community for many years. For example, in 2011 the Ministry supported the Tuvaluan community to develop their Tuvaluan Community Action Plan, which focused on the development and retention of the Tuvaluan language in New Zealand.

Educational resource

The Ministry has worked closely with community groups and leaders to develop a learning resource. Te Papa Tongarewa has contributed to the resource.

Download the resource (PDF 1.25MB)

Community poster

Help promote Tuvalu Language Week in your church, workplace, school or community group.

Download the poster (PDF 1.7MB)

Events calendar

A full listing of events marking Tuvalu Language Week.

Download the calendar (PDF, 180KB)